GemFire-Greenplum Connector 3.4 Release Notes

What’s New in GemFire-Greenplum Connector 3.4.0

This version 3.4.1 of the connector ships with Pivotal GemFire® version 9.8.x. The version 3.4.0 connector works with Pivotal GemFire® version 9.7.x. This release works with Pivotal Greenplum® versions 4.3.x and 5.x.

See Using the Connector for specification of the Greenplum schema and requirements for using the connector.

Resolved Issues in GemFire-Greenplum Connector 3.4.1

  • GGC currently uses an internal Apache Geode API that changed, requiring a rebuild of GGC. There are no user-visible changes or bug fixes for this patch release.

Resolved Issues in GemFire-Greenplum Connector 3.4.0

  • The gfsh create gpdb-mapping option --id is now optional. If the --id option is not specified, GGC will look for a primary key in the GPDB table. If the --id option is not specified and there is no primary key specified in GPDB, then the mapping will fail with the error

    Table <table-name> lacks a primary key. Please use the --id option.

    This also applies if GGC is configured in a cache.xml file.

  • The GemFire gfsh create jndi-binding command options have been changed in the following ways:

    • The --jdbc-driver-class option is now optional.
    • --url is an alias for the --connnection-url option.
    • The --type option defaults to SIMPLE.
    • A specification of --type=POOLED defaults to creating a Hikari pool. Or, implement org.apache.geode.datasource.PooledDataSourceFactory to customize the class that implements the pool.

Known Issues in GemFire-Greenplum Connector 3.4.0

  • Import truncates any time or timestamp from GPDB to a decimal millisecond precision. All represented microsecond precision is lost. For example, the GPDB time of 2017-09-21 12:31:03.636847 becomes 2017-09-21 12:31:03.636 within GemFire.