Pivotal GemFire®-Greenplum® Connector v3.1

GemFire-Greenplum 3.1 Release Notes

What’s New in GemFire-Greenplum Connector 3.1.1

This table identifies the versions of Pivotal Greenplum® (GPDB) and Pivotal GemFire® that the connector works with. Note that the GemFire version has changed for this GemFire-Greenplum Connector 3.1.1 version.

GemFire-Greenplum Connector version GemFire version Greenplum version
3.1.1 9.3 4.3.x, 5.x
3.1.0 9.1 4.3.x, 5.0.x, and 5.1.x

See Using the Connector for instructions on upgrading to a new version of the connector and for acquiring the JAR file needed to use the connector.

Resolved Issues in GemFire-Greenplum Connector 3.1.1

There are no resolved issues for this patch release.

Resolved Issues in GemFire-Greenplum Connector 3.1.0

Ticket numbers of the form GEM-XXXX are from the current GemFire issue-tracking system.

  • Eliminated a Java runtime exception thrown while generating XML when executing various gfsh operations.

  • GEM-1701: Fixed a failing import due to an inability to parse a timestamp.

  • Fixed a failing import or export operation that occurred when the connector’s default length of a variable-length column exceeded the limit set by Greenplum.

  • Eliminated a NullPointerException that resulted from an invalid JDBC URL in the specified JNDI bindings.

Known Issues in GemFire-Greenplum Connector 3.1.1

  • Import truncates any time or timestamp from GPDB to a decimal millisecond precision. All represented microsecond precision is lost. For example, the GPDB time of 2017-09-21 12:31:03.636847 becomes 2017-09-21 12:31:03.636 within GemFire.