Pivotal GemFire®-Greenplum® Connector v2.4

GemFire-Greenplum 2.4 Release Notes

What’s New in GemFire-Greenplum Connector 2.4.0

  • This version of the connector works with Pivotal Greenplum® version 4.3.x and Pivotal GemFire® 9.0.x releases.

  • See Using the Connector for instructions on upgrading to a new version of the connector and for acquiring the JAR file needed to use the connector.

  • This release significantly increases the throughput of import operations.

Resolved Issues in GemFire-Greenplum Connector 2.4.0

  • Corrected an issue that required network connectivity to load the XSD file for the GemFire-Greenplum connector version 2.3.0.

  • Improved the parsing of time zone data for the Greenplum Time and Timestamp data types.